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Dual Study Program at Douglas

School’s out – your choice!

Finally: School’s out and there is a whole world of possibilities ahead of you. How about the dual system of education and training?
We are not only training the NEXT GEN BEHIND BEAUTY in our stores or our headquarters – at DOUGLAS we offer the possibility of the german dual system of education and training that provides you with the opportunity to directly apply your gained theoretical knowledge from your classes at uni, here with us at our headquarters via practical training with us. We have put together everything you need to know about the dual system right here.


Any questions about our apprenticeship program itself? Here are the answers.


    Application process

    How we do it.

    You want to take part in the german dual system of education and training at Douglas? Cool. We will explain our application process step by step.

    • First things first: application, screening and selecting

      We screen all received applications in October, select the most promising ones and invite them to an online assessment center.
    • Call me (maybe)

      We invite all who impress us during the online assessment center to a virtual talk via video call. This saves time and nerves.
    • It's getting personal

      Whoever impresses us also virtually, must prove himself or herself face to face. In preparation, we ask to solve a task and present the results in or second talk. Possibly, this second talk will also take place virtually.
    • And the winner is....

      After this second talk, it should be clear to us who will be part of the NEXT GEN BEHIND BEAUTY. We will get in touch as soon as possible to get this journey started.
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