<We are the Coders behind Beauty/>

The code behind beauty group of 6 diverse people

Find a unit and begin your own story behind Beauty.

Tech & Product

We build digital products for great customer experiences.

For us beauty is code, operations, agility, and user experience.

It means being responsible for one of the biggest SAP commerce cloud projects in Europe.

We entertain more products, more traffic, more customers, more partners and operate in even more countries – this takes us to new heights!
If you work for us, you can look forward to working on complex projects in cross-functional and diverse teams that operate internationally. The democratization of all decision-making processes is essential to our way of working. As a direct result, our work and it‘s environment is characterized by agility and our continuous efforts to adjusting our pocesses through adaptation.
Our innovative digital workspaces provide you with the opportunity to learn, develop and contribute your own ideas. We celebrate and appreciate each team members unique personality, experiences, perspectives, interests and so much more. This incredible diversity is THE CODE BEHIND BEAUTY.

Agile Workflow