• With which educational institution are you cooperating with for the dual system?

    For the dual system of education and training, we at Douglas are closely cooperating with „FOM Hochschule für Ökonomie und Management“ in Düsseldorf.
  • How does the dual system actually work?

    You will attend lectures at university on 2 days a week, while spending 3 days working here at DOUGLAS.
  • Can I pick specialities?

    The following special fields are available: HR, marketing, finance and management. In case of any questions, simply contact us at any time.
  • Will you support me during the dual system?

    Sure! We are always available in case of any questions. Further, you benefit from a broad exchange and support within the dual study groups. You are one team!
  • How are the modules divided during the studies?

    In the first 6 semesters, you will learn all contents in 4 modules. Only the 7th semester contains of 2 modules. The big advantage of the dual system is that you will learn theory and practice simultaneously. This way, you can out all the contents from the modules into practice.
  • Which study courses can I choose?

    We offer a dual system for Business Administration B.A. You will need 7 semesters to complete the course and thus your Bachelor’s degree.
  • What are the non-term working hours?

    During semester break (twice a year) you will support us full-time here at DOUGLAS.
  • Will I work in one steady unit at DOUGLAS?

    No, you will change units every 3 months to get to know all units of the company.
  • What are my future options with the dual system?

    One advantage for example is the fact, that this is an accredited study course for a subsequent master’s programme which will offer you further options for your career in the long run. For your studies, 180 Ects will be taken into account.
  • What about the costs for the studies?

    We cover the costs for your studies. Additionally, you will receive an apprenticeship’s pay. Fair deal, isn’t it?