Beauty is inclusive

We promote diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging every day.

These values are deeply rooted in our DNA and shape our daily business. At DOUGLAS, every individual has the same opportunity to go above and beyond. Our differences are not a risk, but a huge strength. This strength unfolds its full beauty when we acknowledge and appreciate our differences.

BGA certification

We stand for equal opportunities

Mareike Mende-Ratnam, CHRO DOUGLAS Group


At DOUGLAS, we celebrate diversity every day – proud to be the first company with complete BeyondGenderAgenda (BGA) certification.

"Together with BeyondGenderAgenda, we are committed to anchoring diversity and inclusion as essential pillars in the workplace and strengthening our identity as an open company."

Our strong community and continuous development are based on the uniqueness of each individual. Promoting this diversity is not only important from a business standpoint but also a personal conviction shared by Mareike and Veit, who are also part of the BGA advisory board.

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Our Voices for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Employee Resource Groups (ERG)

Our ERGs unite people with similar interests and identities




Pride Day 2022 marked the launch of our employee network “beYOUtiful@DOUGLAS,” which promotes the interests of the LGBTQIA+ community. Together, we develop projects and initiatives to increase visibility of the community within the company as well as outside.




Our “Family@DOUGLAS” employee network is committed to improving work-life balance at DOUGLAS. Employees from various departments develop practical solutions that enable family-friendly working conditions right up to the executive level.




Our employee network “Internationals@DOUGLAS” is a safe space for cultural diversity that lets employees meet and support each other. In this way, we strengthen international employees and make it easier for them to start their career in Germany.


The faces of diversity and inclusion at DOUGLAS

Diversity Charter

“We’re convinced that that our differences in age, gender, social and ethnic background, physical and mental ability as well as sexual orientation only make us stronger.”

Diversity Charter – more than a statement.

DOUGLAS has proudly signed the Diversity Charter (“Charta der Vielfalt”) together with over 4,900 other companies. The signature is a promise to continuously offer a working environment free of discrimination and prejudice. Diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities are an important part of our DNA and make DOUGLAS beautiful.

Our diverse personalities are at the heart of our culture – regardless of age, gender, social or ethnic background, physical or mental ability, or sexual orientation. We want everyone to be a proud part of DOUGLAS.

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