This is User Experience at DOUGLAS!

Dominik Homberger

Dominik Homberger
Head of User Experience
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Hello, we are the User Experience Team at DOUGLAS!

Our mission is to incorporate customer needs into product development. The UX area at DOUGLAS stands out with a variety of different personalities. Our broad subject matter expertise consists of UX Manager, UX Researcher, UI / UX Designer and A/B Testing experts. This combo of different disciplines can understand all user & customer* needs and break them down into feasible visions.

“You are not the user” is our motto and we don’t see ourselves as our users either. Accordingly, we approach each project completely free of prejudice or judgement, focusing on the best possible method to understand the needs as best we can.


We take a hypothesis-driven and data-driven approach to create concepts for future features or enhancements based on facts and real user feedback.

Methods? How do we actually work?

Here, we are also super diverse. Basically, we distinguish between qualitative and quantitative methods. Qualitative means that we sometimes interact more and sometimes less directly with the test participants. We invite them to a lab for interviews, focus group tests or to test a prototype. This also works remotely if we recruit our testers nationwide and according to the target group.

Quantitative means that large amounts of data are collected and analyzed in order to map representative significances. For example, by means of surveys on douglas.de or we analyze the click & scroll behavior on the website by means of head maps. Another important method is A/B testing, which allows us to find out whether new features on the website work for our users. With this method, we can compare two versions of a website or app to see which performs better. Statistical analysis is used to evaluate the efficiency of two versions in terms of various indicators such as click-through or purchase rates. This allows us to check which website version leads to the most clicks, registrations, purchases, etc. With the help of these results, we can optimize the website on the basis of data – but the most important thing here is that regardless of whether a new version “wins” or not, we learn something about our users and customers with every result.

Sounds challenging – and the fun factor?

That we have! Not only because we celebrate our successes and toast to them, but because we also demand of ourselves that we always learn something new and continue to develop. Both in that we take an explorative approach to trying out new tools and methods, but also through continuous workshops with the entire department. We want to constantly reflect on ourselves and our work in order to have as much fun as possible at work, but also to challenge each other again and again. A trusting and transparent basis with a healthy feedback and error culture is close to all our hearts.