Meet the DOUGLAS Marketing Solutions Team

Xenia Hagemann

Xenia Hagemann
Team Retail Media
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Or as we call ourselves – the Retail Media Rockstars!

Why the nickname? As a team, we rock 360° campaign management from strategy over reporting to brand consulting for brands and partner program participants. Here, we work with beauty brands like L’Oréal Luxe, Coty and Dior. It never gets boring, even though we haven’t been around that long: DOUGLAS Marketing Solutions was founded three years ago, parallel to the launch of the DOUGLAS Beauty Platform.


Our Success Story is our Team

In the last few years we have not been idle and have gained some new retail media rockstars: The Retail Media offering has now expanded to nine European countries. So as you can imagine, we are a very international team, with employees in France, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands and of course Germany. This means we have a lot of different cultures and languages coming together. However, since DOUGLAS is an international company and we communicate primarily in English, we have thought of some ways to celebrate and appreciate the culture of all our team members.

One example of this is our Marketing Solutions Linked In channel. Here, we’ve created a series that highlights different cultural traditions on certain holidays, such as Easter. We have already featured Poland and Azerbaijan to represent our employees* from these countries accordingly. After all, this is what makes us so successful in our work: each individual and their culture is seen and appreciated.

This is our Mission

It’s a people’s business! Our team members are the driving force behind our success. In particular, we focus on the communication with our stakeholders. We support our clients in getting the best out of their brand by responding to their individual needs and tailoring a perfectly personalized campaign to them.

However, we can only do this through teamwork – with our colleagues and team members as well as with the customers themselves. To celebrate our successes, we have launched various initiatives as a part of DOUGLAS Purpose & Values, such as our Wall of Uniqueness or the Values First Award. This way, we want to value the achievements of all our team members. Our team is not only culturally diverse and not only marketing enthusiasts or data lovers help us, as you might think at first glance. We benefit from career changers, students with the necessary drive for our business and industry experts in our team!