Behind the Scenes of the DOUGLAS App with Simone

Simone Grau

Simone Grau
Senior Manager App Acquisition & Digital Marketing
Reading time: 2 min

Heya! Simone from the Digital Marketing Manager (DMM) Team with a focus on user acquisition for our DOUGLAS app here. The app is an important part of our Omnichannel service and to connect with customers. I am excited to share my insights and experiences on how we are driving growth and users as well as delve into topics such as User Acquisition Strategies, latest trends and how they could impact us.

Our app is a cutting-edge omnichannel tool that seamlessly connects offline and online services to provide an effortless and unified customer experience.


Our Mission

What is my part in the overall app user acquisition? Foremost in the DMM Team, we look at the various marketing channels and soft)-KPIs to drive the app forward. This driving forward could be anything from Strategy, new marketing channels or even technology trends and impacts we see on the market.

In recent years, our app has seen significant growth in terms of both user numbers and revenue. So why is my job important? As we are not alone and part of the bigger picture we are closely working with Data, Martech, Product owners and many more to look at how can we grow the app and follow through with the goals we set ourselves.

We are interested in an user acquisition where we reach the best possible user/costumer, it helps us to reach our goals and drive the growth of the company.

Our Impact

We monitor the monthly active users numbers, orders and sessions, retention-rates at different touchpoints. We differentiate between owned, paid, and organic channels. This allows us to create benchmarks and determine where we should focus our paid media efforts or how to optimize these channels.

In our paid channels, we look at KPIs such as where we can acquire the best users and push channels where we see users responding well.
It’s not just about managing budget and creating and measuring KPIs, but also staying up to date with the latest changes in mobile marketing. For example, there may be new requirements from Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store. We might see new channels like TikTok that we should test.

And if everything is working, how can we further expand and improve? There are plenty of ideas, but time that’s a challenge.