• In which cities do you offer your Apprenticeship Program?

    At Douglas, we offer training all over Germany. You may find all of our job vacancies in our career section. Your (desired) city is not listed? Then we unfortunately do not offer apprenticeships at this location during this year of training. In case you won’t find any job vacancies, we are currently not offering any job opportunities or the positions have already been filled. Being early pays off.
  • Do you hire people with severe disability?

    Working at our stores is of course also suitable for people with severe disabilities!
  • When will the apprenticeship start, when will professional school start?

    Both usually start at the beginning of August (August 1st). Professional school starts right after the summer holidays. Please check the holiday dates in your province.
  • What’s the process of the apprenticeship?

    A major part of your apprenticeship will take place at our stores. Once to twice a week you will attend professional school, which is split into one long and one short day. On long school days, you will have time off while you will continue working at the store on short school days. Further, the internal training team at Douglas will regularly support you with inter-company trainings that will take place both online as well as offline in form of a residential week. For this, we will invite you once or twice a year to a great location to spend a week discussing exciting topics, pass on lots of specialist knowledge and get to know great products.
  • Do i have holiday? If so, how many days?

    Whoever works hard, needs to chill hard. As an apprentice, you are entitled to 36 leave days per calendar year – which adds up to 6 weeks in a six-day-week.
  • Do you hire people with a migration background?

    To us, it is never important where you come from or what you believe in. A residence permit might be important, in some instances. However, we would like to rather be impressed by your personality, your skills and your passion. We would love to get to know you.
  • My german is not perfect – can i still apply for a job?

    In case you plan on working in sales at Douglas, very good German is a very important requirement. But we offer various positions in different sectors. Simply check out our career section (LINK) to find the perfect job for you.
  • How much is the apprentice’s pay?

    We pay all our vocational jobs according to the retail pay scale of the respective province. The further you progress in your apprenticeship, the higher will be your pay. If you want to know the exact pay, please check the pay scale in your province. You will also find the current pay scale structure for our desired apprenticeship in your area.
  • What are the working hours?

    Since you complete your apprenticeship at our stores, your working hours are based on our opening hours. Of course, we follow the current regulations regarding young apprentices. Generally, you will work 5 days a week that we split up on the days from Monday to Saturday – which means that apart from Sundays, you will have one extra day off every week.